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Founded in 1673, Woodbury is a delightful small town located in the Litchfield County. The antique buildings and beautiful residential properties keep the old world charm intact. The town is located half way between Boston and New York City but is undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of city life. The picturesque scenery and quaint little shops preserve the appeal of the place.

Though the town is small in size, there are plenty of quality restaurants which offer fine dining facilities. Like other towns in Connecticut, this place offers community life with friendly neighbors. If you are thinking about moving to Woodbury, Connecticut, here are a few more reasons which can help you to take the final step:

  • Woodbury offers hiking, biking, shopping and antiquing opportunities to its residents. There are no dull moments while you are in Woodbury, Connecticut.
  • You can get access to big retail stores and chains in the towns surrounding Woodbury.
  • Median property value is around $293,700 which is a little expensive but the returns on investment are also good.
  • The town enjoys Continental climate which is slightly humid. Mild autumns, warm summers, long winters and short springs are common.

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