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Thinking about moving to Harwinton, Connecticut? Here are some details about this town:

  • The name of this town has been derived from Hartford and Windsor because it was created with the lands of proprietors from these places in 1737.
  • Initially, the main occupation of the people of Harwinton was agriculture along with light industry. However, with time commerce also gained importance. Harwinton was known for its clock-making industry and manufacturing of tinware, barrels and bricks.
  • The rich history of this town is celebrated and remembered every year during the Harwinton Fair. It is located in the Litchfield county and has a small population.
  • Harwinton, Connecticut has a population of around 5,493 people which makes it ideal for community style of living.
  • The median value of homes in this town is $243,500. Property values are gradually appreciating so this is a good time to make a purchase.
  • The cost of living is 22% higher than the national average but the per capita level of income is around $38,000 which is quite substantial.

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Why go for our services?

– We are exclusive buyer’s broker and agent. We never list properties and are not associated with sellers in any form. There are no dual agency forms that you need to sign when you get in touch with us.

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With Buyer’s Trust Real Estate & Investment, you do not need to worry about getting misled. We are here to protect your interests and help you get the home of your dreams in Harwinton, Connecticut.

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